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With thousands of check texts as well as predefined "goals and tasks" for 150 (!!) jobs over all functional areas, Job Description Online (Stellenbeschreibung Online) consistently optimizes your work on job description, job posting, grouping and specialist and management career.

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Your benefits

70% time saving in job discription

Effort reduction in creation
of job profiles

80% reduction of internal coordination costs

Reduction of internal
communication efforts

100% company specific adaptable

Company specific adaptable


  • More efficiency
    Simplify and accelerate the job description process with clear requirements dimensions.
  • More quality
    By using our online job evaluation system you have access to over 1,000 test texts.
  • More clarity
    Undifferentiated task descriptions are a thing of the past. Use our clear and comprehensible requirement descriptions for each of your job descriptions.
  • Less coordination effort
    With Job Description Online (Stellenbeschreibung Online), the internal coordination costs for the creation and further development of job descriptions can be significantly reduced. Legally uncertain terms can be graded/scaled quickly and precisely.
  • Show career differences
    With Job Description Online (Stellenbeschreibung Online), you can make the differences in requirements in specialist and management careers clear for every functional area and every job.
  • Job posting
    New and changed job contents can be quickly and effortlessly displayed in the job description. Access your job collection online in the Report Center.
  • No additional costs
    Job Description Online (Stellenbeschreibung Online) works without hidden additional costs. You can create as many job profiles/job descriptions as you want. There is no volume limit.
  • Import/Export
    An export to or an import into your HRM system is always available.


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