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Grouping Online / Career Builder enables you to efficiently classify jobs in the area tariff (ERA, chemical tariff, etc.), company tariff or your own career/classification framework. With Grouping Online / Career Builder (Eingruppierung Online), you get clear requirements at the push of a button across all career paths.

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functional requirements

Assessment of job-requirements

Grouping of jobs


  • Better negotiation basis
    Grading online (Eingruppierung Online) shows you the various requirements of the job precisely and offers you the access to a grouping benchmark. This enables you to optimize the internal coordination expenses with the work council and others
  • Clarity in the (collectively agreed) specialist career
    With Grading online (Eingruppierung Online), you know which grouping spread you need to develop a specialist career. From the industrial employee to the technical specialist to the HR business partner…
  • Communication with employees
    For your internal feedback processes, a classification logic that meets your requirements is essential. You can use the stored job profiles to access not only the target grouping, but also the related job profile.
  • CareerBuilder
    Use your career builder to compare jobs over 8 career paths and 48 career steps
  • Create legally secure terminology
    With our job evaluation features you create conceptual requirement clarity. You can immediately recognize which differences in job-requirements lead to which changes in grouping.
  • No additional costs
    Grading Online (Eingruppierung Online) works without hidden additional costs. You can examine as many job profiles as you want. There is no volume limit.
  • Import/Export
    An export to or an import into your HRM system is always available


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