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Competency Online offers you thousands of competencies. Define the target behavior on the basis of more than 350 formulated competencies for employees, specialists, project managers and executives.

NOW NEW: Includes function-dependent competencies and an online feedback form

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  • Clarify Competencies faster
    With Competency Online, you can quickly and precisely determine the relevant competencies for each job or job-family. And you can use a combined process of „job description“ and required „competencies“
  • More quality
    By the comprehensive description of the Competencies in our dictionary you can limit yourself to the really relevant behaviour requirements for each job/job-family.
  • More clarity
    With Competency Online you reach clarity over every career path and career step
  • Less effort
    With Competency Online, you can quickly select the relevant set of competencies and specify them within your company. This saves time and money.

  • Precise career models
    Which competencies are relevant in a junior position, which competencies are relevant in a senior position? Which competencies gain, which lose importance? All these questions can be answered quickly by selecting competencies online.
  • Extending job advertisements
    Do you want to specify your job advertisement and optimize assessments? Then you should formulate the competencies in addition to the requirements of the position.
  • Give online feedback and export results directly
    You can use the Competencies directly for your feedback-process, evaluate the individual criteria and export the results.
  • Import/Export
    An export to or an import into your HRM system is always available


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