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Knowledge of current market remuneration is a must have for every HR professional. With Compensation Online, we provide you with a tool that allows an unobstructed view of the remuneration market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH).

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Determinants of market remuneration

  • Knowledge and experience
  • Planning and management requirement
  • Social Competence
  • Broad of thinking
  • Depht of thinking
  • Framework of responsibility
  • Region
  • Age
  • Industry
  • Company size


  • The markets at a glance
    With Compensation Online you have a precise view of the market remuneration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in one tool.
  • Maximum transparency
    By the deposited job evaluation in job evaluation online (Stellenbewertung Online) you are very fast in the analysis of the compensation level
  • What does career cost?
    The ability of employees to cope with higher demands leads to added value for the company, but also to additional costs and corresponding salary demands from the job holders. We show you the compensation effects
  • All influencing factors transparent
    With Compensation Online you can combine and regularly investigate the effects of the various influencing factors such as industry, company size, age, job-value and regionality.
  • Demography, or what does age cost?
    The increasing age of the workforce leads to increasing compensation. We show you how age increases compensation.
  • Avoidance of expensive wrong decisions
    Employee retention costs. We offer you a counterweight and give you a statistical view of the market remuneration
  • Lower costs
    Compared to classic market salary analyses for individual positions, you save money in online access. Firstly through unlimited access to market salary data, but also through the breadth of comparison.
  • Import/Export
    An export to or an import into your HRM system is always available


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